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The June Cleaver Experiment: Day Two

O.K., so you all think I’m crazy for doing this. Well, I am just little bit off if you must know the truth.

I am committed to seeing this thing through.

Look, I have to entertain myself somehow.

This morning I woke up well-rested with a better attitude. I didn’t have anywhere to go, so it was motivating to have to get dressed and put on make-up. I often do my AM housework in my PJs, and then get showered and dressed.

After sitting on the couch sipping coffee for awhile.

But it didn’t feel right to lounge around when I was all ready to go. I threw myself into it early, and actually got a lot done.

I did find a more comfortable pair of pumps in my closet to wear, so my feet didn’t really hurt. I had a skirt on and it wasn’t a problem to do housework in it. I even managed to get the clasp on the pearl necklace closed today.

There were a few times that the outfit was impractical. This morning when I let the dogs out one decided to wonder back into the field behind our house. He didn’t come when I called, and I had to go out and get him. The grass was wet and the ground soft. Heels really weren’t the right attire for my little hike. I should have put on some galoshes probably, but I was afraid the dog would be all the way out into the woods if waited to change my shoes.

Today was also trash day, and I pushed the garbage can up to the curb in my heels and in the rain. I imagine June never had to deal with the trash. I’m sure Ward or the Beav did that for her.

When the rain stopped for a few minutes I took my son David out to play. One of my mantras — you’ve heard this before if you’ve been reading a while — Dogs and small boys must be exercised outside daily. I had to give in at that point, and kicked off the heels in exchange for some flip-flops. I put them back on though as soon as we got inside.

On the upside, someone came to the door today looking for the neighbor’s house, and for once I didn’t have to wonder how disheveled and deranged I looked.

Because I just looked plain nuts wearing pearls and heels at home by myself in the afternoon!

The Motherland

We headed home on Thursday from Knoxville. But first we made a stop-over in Overton County in the Cumberland Mountains near the Kentucky boarder where my husband’s grandparents grew up. We got our son David all excited about the trip before leaving by telling him we were going to see mountains. He was disappointed in… Continue Reading