All-Natural Hypo-Allergenic Soaps and Cleaning Products

About two months after my son was born, I developed an allergy to most standard soaps and detergents. So I started using all-natural and hypo-allergenic dish, laundry and household cleaning products.

For a long time they weren’t readily available in the rural area that we live in. I had to make a special trip to a little health food store several miles away, and just the dish soap alone cost $8 a bottle. It was expensive, and inconvenient.

In recent months I’ve noticed more and more all-natural products popping up on the shelves of the two big discount stores near us, Walmart and a regional chain (MI, OH, IL, KY, IN) called Meijer. I’ve tried out a few different brands. I thought I’d share about the products I use, in case you’re looking for something similar.

Besides being hypo-allergenic, these products are environmentally friendly. And since most of them are also petroleum free, they help reduce oil consumption.

Seventh Generation products recently became available at Meijer. Many of you are probably familiar with that brand already. Until Meijer started carrying it, I could only find it at the health food store. It’s significantly less expensive at Meijer. If you haven’t tried Seventh Generation, it’s a fantastic brand that offers many options when it comes to all-natural products. Meijer also carries a few all-natural products with it’s own label. I’ve only tried the dish liquid, but it’s good quality and a fantastic value.

Walmart just started carrying a brand called Simplicity. Besides being hypo-allergenic and all-natural, it claims to also be non-toxic.  I’ve used their dish liquid, and fabric softener. The dish liquid works great, and is pleasantly scented. With less in the bottle, it isn’t as good of a value as the Meijer brand. The Simplicity liquid fabric softener worked just as well as the Seventh Generation product, and it cost about half the price. Simplicity also has dryer sheets made of biodegradable paper. I haven’t found hypo-allergenic, environmentally friendly dryer sheets anywhere else.

I also just discovered a line of bath products called Pure and Natural that’s actually been around for a while. Their website says the line is available at several stores. So far I’ve only used their liquid hand soap in the Almond Cherry Blossom scent. I love it, and plan on picking up some of their shower gel and bar soap as well.

When it comes to laundry detergent, there are more options. Many of the major brands offer “free” soaps that are hypo-allergenic, but not necessarily all-natural. When it comes to value, All Free & Clear is my favorite. I just purchased Purex Natural Elements Laundry soap and fabric softener for the first time last week. Their Linen and Lilies scent smells really nice. The Purex detergent is a good value aslo. I like the Purex Natural Elements liquid fabric softener better than the Simplicity or Seventh Generation brands.

When it comes to other household cleaning products that are all-natural, I’ve only used two brands. Seventh Generation and Holy Cow. Holy Cow was at Walmart, but I think they stopped selling it. I don’t know why, because because it worked great and was a good value. I used their all-purpose cleaner and glass cleaner. You can find a list of other stores that sell it on their website.

This is a little off the topic, but I’m even allergic to many underarm deodorants. I’ve been using Almay Hypo-Allergenic Antiperspirant Deodorant. It’s doesn’t have a nice perfume scent like most other deodorants since it’s fragrance free, but it does work.

Whether you need hypo-allergenic products or you just want to go green, it’s getting easier and more affordable all the time.

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  1. thanks for the reviews. we use seventh generation all purpose cleaner and really like it. i have wondered about the simplicity line. i may have to try some.

  2. Thanks for the info. I use the All Free & Clear because of Dylan. They also make Free and Clear Bounce sheets that we use. I will have to try some of these other products. He can’t have any soap. For washing hands and bath time we have been using Cetaphil or plain Johnson and Johnson baby soap because that is about all he can tolerate.

  3. Be careful with the Purex detergent. That is the detergent I was so allergric to when you were a two years old. It me gave hives anywhere on my body that clothing touched.

  4. A comment about Antiperspirant(referencing Colleen’s last paragraph, above). I’ve had 2 doctors tell me they strongly believe that antiperspirants are contributors towards breast cancer — because they BLOCK the elimination of toxins from the body (whereas a deodorant manages the SCENT of the perspiration). Food for thought. This would explain why men don’t have breast cancer to the degree that women do: because they sweat all over their body and women mostly underarm. NOTE: 3 weeks off underarm products allows accumulated toxins to be released from the body. I now use only a deodorant from a non-chemical source; I buy mine at a health food store: a liquid mineral, 100% natural. No aluminum, no solvents or thickening agents, no propyls, no alcohol, fragrance and paraben free.

  5. As to your comment about deodorants, could it be the fragrances they add that cause your allergies?

    Also, Walmart no longer carries many things they once

    I found a formula for laundry soap. Have not tried it yet. We’ll see.

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  7. All Free & Clear is not free & clear. Could not use is and have moved on to Arm & Hammer (says Sensitive Skin) on label. It is Ok, but still have to use Woolite pink for personal items. Woolite has ruined their clothes washing soap due to perfume. Great for years, in fact, perfect, but they have ruined. it.

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