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Well, we dressed David and Wade up in their costumes so we could take some pictures since David was too sick to go trick-or-treating. David was so cranky from not feeling well. There were more boo-hoos than boos at our house tonight. I’m lucky I got any pictures at all.

David got this giraffe mask at the zoo this summer. So he wanted to dress up like one for Halloween. My mom made his costume. She even found a little giraffe costume for Wade at the store. It’s fitting, really. I mean, I feel like I live in a zoo most days anyway.


David insisted on wearing my black gloves so he looked like he had “giraffe hands.” He couldn’t have his “people hands” showing. Here’s David by himself. I should have taken a picture of the back. He had a tail and a mane too. Is it called a mane on a giraffe?


Here’s Wade.


I tried coloring Wade’s nose to match his costume with some eyeshadow since he didn’t have a mask. It worked until he smugged it. Surprisingly, he didn’t mind when I put it on, but he was not happy when I wiped it off.


Here’s the full costume. Wade wasn’t cooperating very well at this point either.


Since we didn’t even get our pumpkin carved with the guys sick, we celebrated by doing that tonight.

I want you to know this is the most expensive pumpkin we’ve ever bought. We made the mistake of purchasing it from the official pumpkin farm rather than the farmer down the road like we usually do. I didn’t check the price before taking it up to the cashier. I never imagined it would cost $8.75. Isn’t that a lot for a pumpkin?

We only pay $20 for an entire Christmas tree.

But by that point we were too committed, and we forked over the cash. We’ll be sure to get to the farmer’s house next year before he runs out. We could have bought three pumpkins from him for that price.


At first David didn’t want to put his hand in the pumpkin. He thought is was gross. Here’s making an angry face here as we try to get him to help clean it.


He finally got brave. Oh, I’m not entirely sure why David is shirtless. I think he was afraid he’d get his costume dirty.


For the most part David just looked on while Dave carved.


Here’s the finished Jack-O-Lantern. We always have a happy, grinning pumpkin. Doesn’t he look congenial?


And here’s the pumpkin lit up with the battery operated candle I bought on the clearance rack at Tractor Supply, of all places, after Christmas three years ago. I finally found a use for it. Yes, that’s right, Tractor Supply. It’s a very fancy place.


Hope you had a happy Halloween!

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Poor David

Poor David. He’s going to miss Trick-or-Treat this year. He still has a fever this morning. Later this afternoon we’ll dress him up in his costume, if he feels up to it, and take a picture. His grandma did bring him a  bag of candy, so he’ll still be able to get a sugar fix at least.

We didn’t even carve our Jack-O-Lantern yet. We were going to that Thursday night when the guys first came down with this flu.

David was just miserable yesterday. With Tylenol his fever was 100.6. This morning it’s down to 99.6, but he still feels yucky.

David can be stubborn and difficult when he’s healthy. Sick, he’s almost impossible. All my questions about how he feels are met with an annoyed, “Good grief Mommie! I’m fine.”

Of course, he’s not fine.

Trying to keep him entertained while he is convalescing on the couch is a chore. Yesterday he didn’t want to watch any of the shows on the umpteen kid’s networks on the satellite. He didn’t want to watch any of the umpteen videos in the cabinet. I named off every title we own, and each was given a resounding thumbs down. Even the beloved Polar Express.

Before David got sick we were going to take him to see Astro Boy. Dave found original episodes on Netflix on Demand, and David spent most of the day watching episode after episode on my laptop. A few hours of badly dubbed 80’s anime’ will drive you crazy. But it kept David occupied. For a while.

I tried to make him lay down in his bed for a nap in the afternoon. After about 45 minutes I heard him whimpering, and went to check on him. He was burning up, so I let him go back to the couch and put a cool cloth on his head. He didn’t even want to watch Astro Boy after that.

I thought a story might put him to sleep. What did he pick? Rudyard Kipling’s Riki Tiki Tavi. It’s a great story, but it’s long and Kipling isn’t exactly Dr. Suess. As far as children’s literature goes, it’s not an easy read. I thought surely that would put him to sleep. It didn’t, but I needed a nap after that.

David hasn’t eaten hardly anything since lunch yesterday. He’s subsisting on ice cream, cookies and half a Lunchable right now. I was able to get him to drink juice. But even that I coerced him in to doing. I told him if he didn’t drink he’d get dehydrated and have to go to the hospital. At the hospital they stick needles in you. That was enough to get him to drink his juice.

Dave is sick too, but he doesn’t have it as bad as David. So far Wade and I have managed to avoid it. I try to keep Wade away from the other guys, and I’m washing my hands constantly.

It’s tricky watching over Wade, and trying to take care of David. David just wants to lay on the couch all day with his head in my lap, but I can’t give him my undivided attention since I have Wade to think about too.

At least it seems that the worst of it is over for David. I can tell he feels better, because he’s watching Spongebob this morning.

We’ll see what happens when he realizes he’s not going Trick-or-Treating this year.

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Oink, Oink.

Yesterday afternoon Dave and David came in from playing outside, and flopped down on the couch. Dave’s head was in his hands, and he looked miserable. David was particularly whiny.

I took their temperatures.

Both had fevers that came on suddenly.

“N0000000000000000000! Please God, not the Swine Flu,”  I moaned.

I don’t know for sure that it’s the Swine Flu, but it’s definitely some kind of flu. Dave’s doing all right, but David is miserable.

As of now Wade doesn’t seem to have it, and I’ve told the other’s to stay far away from him.

I’ve washed my hands about a thousands already times as I switch back and forth taking care of all of them.

I need to go tend to my wards now.

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