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Well, we dressed David and Wade up in their costumes so we could take some pictures since David was too sick to go trick-or-treating. David was so cranky from not feeling well. There were more boo-hoos than boos at our house tonight. I’m lucky I got any pictures at all.

David got this giraffe mask at the zoo this summer. So he wanted to dress up like one for Halloween. My mom made his costume. She even found a little giraffe costume for Wade at the store. It’s fitting, really. I mean, I feel like I live in a zoo most days anyway.


David insisted on wearing my black gloves so he looked like he had “giraffe hands.” He couldn’t have his “people hands” showing. Here’s David by himself. I should have taken a picture of the back. He had a tail and a mane too. Is it called a mane on a giraffe?


Here’s Wade.


I tried coloring Wade’s nose to match his costume with some eyeshadow since he didn’t have a mask. It worked until he smugged it. Surprisingly, he didn’t mind when I put it on, but he was not happy when I wiped it off.


Here’s the full costume. Wade wasn’t cooperating very well at this point either.


Since we didn’t even get our pumpkin carved with the guys sick, we celebrated by doing that tonight.

I want you to know this is the most expensive pumpkin we’ve ever bought. We made the mistake of purchasing it from the official pumpkin farm rather than the farmer down the road like we usually do. I didn’t check the price before taking it up to the cashier. I never imagined it would cost $8.75. Isn’t that a lot for a pumpkin?

We only pay $20 for an entire Christmas tree.

But by that point we were too committed, and we forked over the cash. We’ll be sure to get to the farmer’s house next year before he runs out. We could have bought three pumpkins from him for that price.


At first David didn’t want to put his hand in the pumpkin. He thought is was gross. Here’s making an angry face here as we try to get him to help clean it.


He finally got brave. Oh, I’m not entirely sure why David is shirtless. I think he was afraid he’d get his costume dirty.


For the most part David just looked on while Dave carved.


Here’s the finished Jack-O-Lantern. We always have a happy, grinning pumpkin. Doesn’t he look congenial?


And here’s the pumpkin lit up with the battery operated candle I bought on the clearance rack at Tractor Supply, of all places, after Christmas three years ago. I finally found a use for it. Yes, that’s right, Tractor Supply. It’s a very fancy place.


Hope you had a happy Halloween!

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