Kid’s Craft Tutorial – Make a Cute Valentine’s Pig

A couple years ago David and I made a pig using a 2 litter bottle. I found the craft in Martha Stewart’s Good Things for Kids magazine. (It’s also on Martha’s website here.) I really liked that magazine. Unfortunately I don’t think she publishes it anymore.

Today David asked if we could make another pop bottle pig. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought it would be fun to make a pink pig decorated with hearts. So here’s my variation on Martha’s idea.

Supplies you need:

1 2 Litter Bottle w/ cap

4 additional bottle caps

2 sheets of light pink construction paper

2 sheets of bright pink construction paper

1 black permanent marker




glue gun

1 white pipe cleaner


heart shaped cookie cutters in different sizes if you have them

Step 1: Rise out your bottle, pull off the label and dry it off.

Step 2: Wrap the bottle with the light pink construction paper. Use tape to fasten the paper to the bottle. The paper won’t meet. That will be the bottom.

Step 3:  On the bright pink paper draw several small hearts freehand or use a small heart-shaped cookie cutter to trace them. These will be the pig’s spots.

Step 4: Cut the hearts out.

Step 5: Glue the hearts in a random pattern on to the construction paper wrapped around the bottle.

Step 6: Take the cap off the bottle and trace around it on the bright pink paper.

Step 7: Cut out the circle. Screw the cap back on the bottle. Glue the circle to the cap. Draw two dots on the circle to make the nose.

Step 8: Draw or trace two large hearts on the light pink paper. Draw or trace two smaller hearts on the bright pink paper.

Step 9: Cut out the four hearts. Glue the bright pink hearts onto the center of the light pink hearts.

Step 10: Fold the “ears” in half to make a crease down the middle. Then fold back about a quarter inch of the bottoms of the ears to make a tab. Glue the tabs down to the pink construction paper above the nose.

Then put a piece of tape across each of the tabs. This helps the ears stand up better.

Step 11: Turn the pig over and use the hot glue gun to attach the four extra bottle caps to make the feet.

Step 12: To make the tail wrap the white pipe cleaner around a pencil to curl it.

Tape the tail on the back of the pig. Draw some eyes on with the black permanent marker. Then you have your Valentine’s pig.

Yeah, I know it’s girlie. Come on. I’m surrounded by boys and boy stuff every day. David thinks she’s, “Pretty.” He named her Petunia.

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9 Responses to Kid’s Craft Tutorial – Make a Cute Valentine’s Pig

  1. Very cute! I think Mom had a pet pig named Petunia. I wonder if that is where David got the idea . . . from his Grandma.

  2. Oh, this is so cute – even though it’s pink, I think my crafy little guy will love making it! You are definitely one creative mama!

    Thanks for coming by and leaving a kind word – you lovely women in the blogahood had me crying over your sweet condolences for the past couple of weeks!Sometimes you just need those sweet condolences to let you cry. Thank you!

  3. Hi Colleen,
    This is the cutest idea, love it.
    We are just starting a new series on our Crafty Kids Corner with an emphasis on re-purposing items for kids crafts…this would be perfect! It includes a link party and tomorrow is our first one, I would love to have you come over and link to this…perfect for Valentine’s! Hope to see you tomorrow!

  4. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I was here??! Your site is changed and you added Google Friend Connect, and I can FINALLY follow!!! Following! 🙂

    Saw you on SITS right now and had to say hi…love this craft, and I do have all of the materials! And so glad I am re-connecting with you girl! Look forward to blogging with you again! 🙂

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