Things Only A Parent Would Say Featured Reader: S.W.A.K

This week’s Things Only A Parent Would Say featured reader is Gale from Scribbleprints:


Well, at least the kids weren’t licking the computer, right?

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4 Responses to Things Only A Parent Would Say Featured Reader: S.W.A.K

  1. I believe it was either a kitten or Elmo that was on screen…you know, the “Ryan Gosling” of the preschool set.


    Thanks so much for featuring my quote! 🙂 I had such a time deciding which one to share! And yes, it is a good think I wasn’t having to tell them not to lick it, especially considering the OTHER things we’ve had to tell them not to lick.

    Don’t lick…
    your brother
    other people’s lollypops
    the supermarket counter
    spilled milk up off the floor

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