I Wonder if Jesus Would Like a Side of Hash Browns with That?

How random is it that when I googled, “Jesus eats pancakes,” there was actually a picture of it? I can’t attribute this, because it was just floating in The Cloud on Google Images without a link, but if you are responsible for this, bless you.

Wade and Jesus are tight. I mean, like, serious BFFs. Their relationship is more than just a bedtime prayer kind of thing.

Most of the time when Wade talks about Jesus he calls Him Baby Lord Jesus.

Not just Jesus.

Not just Lord.


That’s Baby Lord Jesus to you, thank you very much.

It started around Christmas time. Wade identified strongly with the idea of Jesus as a child, and now the Christ Child is a sort of imaginary friend.

Well, not imaginary exactly, because as we tell Wade,  Jesus is with him all the time. But we didn’t know until the other day just how much Jesus is with Wade. Just like the old hymn says, Wade walks with him and talks with him.

Recently Wade started trying to tell Knock-knock jokes, but he doesn’t quite get the whole need for a punchline thing. He says stuff like, “Knock, Knock!”

“Who’s there?”


“Banana who?”


At first we laughed anyway to be nice, but it got old after a while. So I tried to explain to him why his knock-knock jokes weren’t that funny. He responded, “Jesus laughs at my jokes.”

Another day I made breakfast for dinner. Wade asked, “Who are you making those pancakes for? Are they for Jesus?”

“Why do you think I’m making these for Jesus?”

“Because Jesus likes pancakes.”

“How do you know Jesus likes pancakes?”

“He told me.”

Wade has a very personal relationship with Jesus Christ — I mean, Baby Lord Jesus.

One night when it was Wade’s turn to pray at bedtime he said:

“Dear Jesus,

Thank you for this day, and keep us all safe, and Jesus? We really like you.


Indeed, we do really like you Jesus. Why don’t you stop by for pancakes sometime? I assume since your Dad makes it himself you prefer real maple syrup?

7 Responses to I Wonder if Jesus Would Like a Side of Hash Browns with That?

  1. that is so awesome that he has such a personal relationship with Baby Lord Jesus. Praying that he keeps up the wonderful friendship. 🙂

  2. I pray everyday that the boys will have an unshakable faith in the Lord Jesus. That they will stand firm in the truth of scriptures and the reality of Jesus as their personal Savior and Friend. Both Wade and David have tender hearts that seem to be blessed with an abiding presence to the Lord. My prayer is that it will be so throughout their entire life. I know that is the prayer i say for them often every day.

  3. Such a great kid. Our oldest daughter asked why we call God Speedy. I said, we don’t. She said, yes we do in church. We say Thanks Speedy God lots of time. I held back the laughs and told her we were the Speedy ones and that we were saying Thanks be to God. Enjoy your Saturday. Visiting from Sharefest.

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