Introducing Fresh Start Mondays

freshstartI love Mondays.

Wait! Before you decide I’m crazy and click away, hear me out.

I love Mondays because every seven days we get to start over. We get a fresh start. A weekly do-over. Studies show that people who want to make a change are more likely to stick to it if they start it on a Monday. There’s something about the definite end of the week on Friday, then two days off that makes Monday feel like a clean break.

And who doesn’t need a clean break now and then?

Maybe your diet got off track. Maybe you want to yell at your kids less. Maybe you need to get out of a funk. Maybe last Wednesday was just a terrible day, and then the rest of the week went down hill until you couldn’t wait for the kid’s bedtime to come Friday night. Whatever the reason, Monday is a great day to start something new or start over.

My son’s school recently adopted a new character building curriculum, and one of their eight keys is failure leads to success. Why? Because you can’t succeed if you don’t try. And sometimes that means you fail. But every time you fail it’s an opportunity to learn something. Another key they’re learning is flexibility. So if you fail, be flexible enough to see what didn’t work, then try it again in a different way. Maybe you tried last week, but you failed. Mondays are your days to put flexibility into to action, so you can succeed this time.

We all need second chances sometimes. Monday is a second chance that comes around 52 times a year! Maybe you don’t think you deserve a second chance, but you do. We all do. (Hey, God gave us all a second chance. And some us third, fourth, fifth — well, you know what I mean, right? If He can give you a do-over, certainly you can give yourself one.) Monday is the day to give yourself permission to start over.

So beginning today, Mondays around here will be dedicated to Fresh Starts. We’ll talk about why, how, when to make a fresh start. And I hope to feature some you. If you have a story about a time you made a fresh start and succeeded, share it with us. If you want to make a fresh start, share your story so we can encourage you.

Last fall I lost a few pounds. This summer I ate too much ice cream and gained most of it back. My fresh start today is to stop stuffing my face so much and start moving my lazy butt more!

Now go make it a great Monday, but before you leave tell us in the comments why you need a fresh start today.

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22 Responses to Introducing Fresh Start Mondays

  1. Beautiful! I love Mondays because everyone goes back to school and work and I get to breathe a little. I’m excited to add this element to the joy of Mondays. Perfect timing for me!

    I love this: “If He can give you a do-over, certainly you can give yourself one.” Amen! Aren’t we infinitely more hard on ourselves than anyone else? Thanks for the kick in the pants on this one.

    Have a lovely week. Stopping by from SITS. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank god for Mondays! I tend to eat badly on weekends. So every Monday for the past year, I re-vow to start eating cleaner and healthier. I still have the last few pounds to lose since the birth of my baby girl.

    This week, I also want to start spending time with my daughter. Not ‘more’ time but really spending time with her. Reading, singing, talking and really look at her. No more baby playing with toys by herself on the mat while mommy watch tv kind of time. Quality time.

    • I completely understand. When my kids were babies and toddlers that was one of my biggest challenges, to sit down on the floor and play. It just did not come naturally to me. Good luck with your fresh start this week!

  3. That’s right” because of Monday, we return to our track in terms of food, schedule, and resolution after they are usually broken in the weekends LoL.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Hey, this is a cool idea! Makes me look at Monday’s a little differently. I love the logo you made. It is pretty and simple. My fresh start right now is trying to eat less sugar. Wish me luck! 🙂

      • LOL, wellllll, I should qualify that. I’m not giving it up entirely, but am trying to cut way back as in checking labels to see if one item vs another (peanut butter for example) has less sugars and limiting myself to ONE dessert a day. I keep reading weight loss/healthy stories where they’re like, “I was addicted to sugar!” and articles on what too much sugar does in your body. Ugh! So, just trying to be better about it.

  5. What a great Idea! I am a day late however I am starting over this week with my weekly cleaning plan. I didn’t do so great last week but I am looking forward to trying again this week.

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