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Maple Pancakes-N-Bacon Oatmeal Recipe

My friends, we are living in exciting times. A brave new world full of possibility. First, the nutrition overlords announced that bacon is actually healthy. We rejoiced, able to partake in the salty, cured meat at breakfast without being guilt-racked for the rest of the day. Now comes news that threatens to make breakfast downright… Continue Reading

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The End of MommieDaze and a New Beginning

The blog formerly known as MommieDaze is now This Michigan Life. What?! I know you probably have some questions, so I’ll try to give you some answers. Why did you change the name of the blog? I started blogging in September of 2007. Back then I had a two-year-old who called me Mommy. I wrote… Continue Reading

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How the First Snow of the Season Changed My Life

In the course of parenting, there are milestones your progeny reach that dramatically alter your strategies and functions as the responsible adult. I call them Game Changers. Example: Your 23-month-old learns how to climb, rendering your hiding place on the top of fridge where you put that noisy Elmo toy and the Thin Mint Girl Scout… Continue Reading

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