Well, I did get my Twinkies. My wonderful husband very graciously went out and bought some for me the other night.

Twinkies were a strange thing to crave, because I don’t think I’d eaten a Twinkie in the last decade. Normally I would never waste that many calories and fat on something that doesn’t contain any chocolate.

Dave just bought me a little package of two Twinkies instead of a whole box, thankfully.

That first Twinkie was yummy and sweet, filled with creamy goodness. But by the time I finished the second, I’d had enough processed pastry to last me a while.

Craving satisfied and over.

We had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner last night. Now that was good, and I could have eaten up every last bite, but I’m trying not to gain 50 pounds before the first trimester is up.

Right now I have a meatball sandwich toasting in the oven that I made with the left-overs.

I don’t think the pasta craving will go away like the Twinkie craving did.

There’s also a chocolate cake in the oven.

My latest desire.

Little David and I whipped that up this morning. He loves cake, so I’ll have someone to share with.

Oh, I think my sandwich is ready!

So what strange things did you crave when pregnant?

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14 Responses to Cravings

  1. Whoppers. I could not drive by a Burger King without stopping for a Whopper, no cheese, pickle, or tomato, please! This was strange because we rarely went to BK. But it’s said that extra protein is good for brain development, and she *is* pretty smart, so who knows!

  2. When I was pregnant with David and had morning sickness Whoppers for some reason were one of the few things I could keep down. Now I want a Whopper. My list keeps growing.

  3. I love tuna with Miracle Whip. I eat tuna sandwiches all the time. But baked beans? I have to say, that’s a combination I’ve never heard of before.

  4. Interesting cravings, ladies. All this I have to look forward to when I fall pregnant.

    Do Cherry Ripes still sound good to you? If so, I will bring some of these lovely Australian lollies when I come. Let me know what you crave.

  5. How about peas? Good old canned, green, mush-in-your-
    mouth peas. Not the good frozen ones; not fresh from the
    garden. Just ordinary canned peas. House brand or generic. Got any cravings for them?

  6. How about peas? Good ‘ole green peas. Not fresh from the garden. Not frozen. Canned, mush-in-your-mouth peas. House brand or generic; doesn’t matter. Got any
    cravings for peas? Or do they still “feel funny” in your mouth?

  7. I totally craved cereal when pregnant with my son. I had to force myself to stop after my 5th bowl for the day. With my daughter, it was tomato sauce. Pizza, pasta, whatever, just sauce.

  8. With my son it was tomato juice. I had it every day for breakfast. Not good since I was supposed to go easy on the salt, but I couldn’t give it up.

  9. My cravings are so nuts. One day it’s cheese the next it;s bean and cheese burritos. All of which is gathered by the man of the house. Out men sure are sweet!

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