How Does He Come Up with this Stuff?

David’s been up to some interesting stuff lately.

He rigged up this pulley system on his bed with some rope and a laundry basket.

I found him trying to do it with sewing thread first. Of course that just kept breaking. So I gave him some rope. But I didn’t help him. He figured out how to do it all on his own. Where he got the idea in the first place, I don’t know.

Don’t worry. We took the rope away when he went to bed.

Is it normal for a three-year-old to have these kind of engineering skills?

Then we got a magazine in the mail with a cover that fascinated David. He liked it so much he tore the cover off and hung it on the fridge. I went to get some milk and found this:

We had a long conversation about that cover the night before he gave it place of honor on the fridge. David immediately recognized both of them.

“Is that Barack Obama?”


“Is that John McCain?”


“Why do they look mad?”

“They’re not really mad. It’s just a joke. It’s supposed to be funny.”

“Why’s it funny?”

“Because they’re competing against each other to be president. But the picture is making it look like they’re going to box each other. What makes it funny is that would never really happen.”


Then David just sat and studied the picture for a long time.

I was surprised he recognized the caricatures.

Maybe we watch too much cable news.

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4 Responses to How Does He Come Up with this Stuff?

  1. Better stop him from watching “Mythbusters.”

    But I guess that is OK. They say right at the start, “Don’t try this at home.”

  2. My son will take anything apart just to see how it works. He’s three too. It’s kind of annoying after awhile when i’m forever trying to put my electric toothbrush back together. LOL

  3. THIS is the kinda stuff I’m looking forward to with my son!!

    what a smart little fellow you have… 😀 (btw, I don’t think i’ve ever heard of a 3 year old making a large pulley system!)

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