Sew Easy Even I Could Make It Kid’s Apron

David has been bugging me to make an apron for him ever since I started my apron project back in – well – September and it’s – ahem- still not quite finished yet.

Anyway, I found this sew easy (pun intended) kid’s apron tutorial online last night after he asked me again for an apron.


It took me less than 2 hours to make the apron. And at least 30 minutes of that was spent trying to remember how to wind the bobbin on my infrequently used sewing machine. I also had a lot of interruptions, like having to explain to David about a million times why he shouldn’t put his fingers near the rapidly moving needle. So someone who knew what they were doing, and didn’t have a curious child to fend off, could make this in less than an hour easily.

Granted it’s completely imperfect and would not win any big purple ribbons at the 4-H fair, but David thinks it’s fantastic. And he thinks I’m fantastic because I made it for him. That’s all the really counts!

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  1. He looks so proud! Great job on the apron…and thanks for the tutorial link…I will be checking that out. Where did you get that darling monkey fabric? Hey, you should consider making these to sell!

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