And What I’m Least Looking Forward to is the Dirty Socks

A few days ago I told you the thing I most look forward to come June is getting to drink coffee again.

Know what I’m most dreading?

Not sleepless nights. Not endless diaper changes. Not constant feedings.


It’s the extra laundry.

It suddenly occurred to me the other day when I was gathering the wash from the clothes hampers that the volume of dirty socks and shirts was about to increase exponentially again.

When I was in college I only had to do laundry every couple weeks. It was no problem to keep up with it.

When I got married I couldn’t believe how quickly the pile of laundry grew. How could just one more person seem to quadruple the wash load? They don’t cover that in pre-marital counseling, but they should. I could still keep up with it though if I did a few loads a couple nights a week. And I could actually get it all done so that the only things, at least for few hours,  not washed and put away were the clothes on our backs.

Then David arrived. I do a couple loads a day just to keep from being smothered under a mountain of wet towels and soiled jeans. There’s always something to wash or put away. There hasn’t been an empty laundry basket or hamper in this house for four years.

Add child number two to the mix, and I’m thinking I might as well change my tittle from SAHM to Wash Woman.

What is it about the laundry?

I mean it’s not like it’s hard to do.

Collect it. Put in the automatic washer, put it in the automatic dryer. Fold it, hang it, iron it, — who am I kidding? I don’t (shudder) iron unless there’s a wedding or a funeral– put it away.

It’s not like we have to tote it down to the river and scrape it on a rock like frontier women.

But it’s just such a hassle anyway. And it seems to take on a life of it’s own, multiplying like the Tribbles on Star Trek.

Remember the Jetsons with their robot housekeeper Rosie and the computer that produced dinner on a conveyor belt? What happened to that dream?

(Where are all these 60’s SiFi references coming from?)

Sure we have these expensive washing machines with 30 different settings, 25 of which you’ll never use, that come in pretty colors like raspberry and sienna, but they still don’t fold, iron and put it all away.

Well, I gotta go.

There’s a laundry basket somewhere that needs emptying.

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4 Responses to And What I’m Least Looking Forward to is the Dirty Socks

  1. You probably will have a lot more dirty clothes, since both of yours are young. My oldest doesn’t make nearly as many dirty clothes now that he’s older, but his little brother sure makes up for it. Hopefully, it won’t be too bad on you!

  2. I have at least 2 sets of flat irons with handles that
    you can use. Each has 3 irons with one handle. You can heat 2 irons while using the third. Should I send
    a set with the kid? Keep in mind that they are antiques, but they still work the way they always

  3. Oh, I used to watch re-runs of the original Star Trek as a kid. But I could never get into the new series. I remember the Tribble episode was one of my favorite.

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