Brother’s Day


David likes to crawl into bed and snuggle with me in the morning. Sunday morning he climbed in next to me, waking me from a few precious hours of sleep, and  asked, “Mommie, do you know what today is?”


“It’s Brother’s Day! That means Wade and I can have all the cake we want!”

David is in love with Wade. He can’t stop staring at him. He caresses his head, his little feet, holds his little hands. David sings and  talks to Wade all the time.

“Someday you and I can watch Cars together, and I’ll teach you to ride a bike.”

He tells me over and over that he loves Wade, and likes having a baby around. For all of David’s toughness and brashness, he’s got a very big, soft heart, and a sweet little baby is just the thing to fill it up.

There hasn’t been a lot of jealousy. I was worried about that since David enjoys being the center of attention. The only real problems we have are when Dave and I are in the middle of feeding or changing Wade, and David wants something right at that moment and has to wait. Otherwise he’s great about sharing the limelight, so far.


Well, we didn’t have any cake in the house Sunday, but I picked up a mix at the market yesterday. (There isn’t going to be any baking from scratch until I get a good night’s sleep again.) Tonight David and I whipped it up.

I had big plans to write, “David and Wade – Brothers 4-Ever – Happy Brother’s Day,” on it, but my cake decorator was nowhere to be found.

David ate his cake while Wade looked on from the bouncy seat.

I hope they do become the best of friends, and we celebrate a lot more Brother’s Days in the years to come.

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  1. Brother’s day . . . what a great idea!! We have three boys, they would love to celebrate that. Hummm, now that has me thinking . . what special activities we can do to celebrate. hehehe The wheels are turning (and squeaking)!

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