You Want Real? Here You Go. (It’s Kinda Boring.)

I feel like I need to post something.

I mean, I know all five of you hang on my every word, and you check your feed readers like 20 times a day just waiting for me to blog.

O.K. Maybe not.

But I did spend the whole day trying to think of something to write about, and I got nothin’. So I’m going to do one of those things they tell you not to do when you blog, because if you tell me not to do something, chances are I will. I’m going to tell you all the boring, mundane details of my day.

I mean it can’t be any worse than all your friend’s  “I’m eating a sandwich” and “I’m watching TV” status updates on facebook, right?

So Enjoy!

We went to the bank and deposited all the loose change we collected. We had $68.  A piggy bank is a surprisingly good way to save a little extra cash. Whenever we have coins they go in the piggy bank. When it gets full we count it, roll it and take it to the bank. We once paid for a trip to Florida with our piggy bank change.

After the bank we went to the gas station, but nothing interesting happened there. Gas prices aren’t even high enough to complain about anymore.

Then we stopped at Salvation Army where we dropped off three big garbage bags of toys I secretly removed from David’s room. I don’t know how that kid gets so much stuff. (Grandparents?) There’s still so many toys in his room I don’t think he’ll even notice. Once Wade starts acquiring toys we’re buying the neighbor’s house, and turning it into a play room.

Are you bored yet? Try to stay awake. This next part is actually kind of funny.

It was raining buckets, so after Salvation Army we went to McDonald’s for lunch so David could play at the Play Land. Here’s what I learned at McDonald’s today. Parents please, please, please, I beg of you, teach your children to listen. I don’t mean mind you. I mean listen, like hear instructions, process them and take action accordingly. This is the conversation I had with the young girl who took our order: (Did I just say young girl as in in younger than me? Oh, wow. When did I get so old?)

Me: I need a number 3 and I’d like a mocha frappe instead of a soda.

Her: A number 3 with a soft drink and a frappe?

Me: No. Just the frappe.

Her: The frappe instead of the soft drink?

Me: Yes.

Her: Anything else?

Me: A hamburger Happy Meal without pickle and onion with a soft drink.

Her: A hamburger Happy Meal with just pickle and onion?

Me: No. Without pickle and onion.

Her: Without pickle and onion?

Me: Yes.

Her: Oh. And was that with white or chocolate milk?

Me: I wanted a soft drink, not milk.

Her: I thought you wanted a frappe.

Me: That was with my meal. The soft drink is for the Happy Meal.

Her: Oh.

Then when the food finally made it to the tray:

Her: There you are.

Me: I ordered a Mocha frappe.

Her: You wanted a frappe?

Me: Yes. Did you get that?

Her: Oh. It’s on the receipt.

When I finally got my mocha frappe it was actually caramel. I didn’t complain. It was a miracle I got anything resembling a frozen coffee drink at that point.

After I consumed my frappe we went to Meijers. For those of you not familiar, that’s like a Super Walmart, only the meat is fresh. I scored $53.17 worth of fall and winter cloths for Wade for $15 on the clearance rack. Six outfits all together. I thought that was a pretty good deal.

Then we went to a smaller, locally owned grocery store  where the meat is even fresher than the meat a Meijers. There I broke one of the cardinal rules of parenting. I gave in and bought David the sugary crap he was begging for because I was tired, in a hurry and didn’t feel like putting up a fight. I know. I’ve ruined the rest of his life.

Finally we stopped at the library before heading home. David picked out a Richard Scarry Busy Town book. Tonight when Dave was reading it to him David asked, “When do we get to the scary part of the book?

And that’s my day.

(Yawn.) Even I’m falling asleep. Bookmark this. It will cure your insomnia next time you can’t sleep.

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9 Responses to You Want Real? Here You Go. (It’s Kinda Boring.)

  1. Hey, I may be the only reader who loves this stuff! This is what I’m missing…the dailyness of your life. All this mundane info is newsy to me and I love it. It helps with my homesickness as I picture you doing all these things at all the familiar places. So, please, don’t apologize, and please do post more like this!

    Perhaps, I need to follow your lead and post about my daily mundane life in Australia. What do you think?

  2. Your day sounded great to me. If I did a post about what I do on any given day, people would be dizzy by the time they finished. 🙂 How’s the employment situation going for your husband?

  3. You left home before we got our McDonald’s. It is just the same here, even though we have even fewer choices to mess
    up. (No frappes for example.) We find better service when the person behind the counter is older (40 to 50). Weekends are the worst; no one over 25. Older people still know the
    word “service”. We call one young, skinny manager “Napoleon”. He runs around barking out instructions while
    doing nothing. This morning they were out of coffee, and the
    older person behind the counter had to suggest to the younger staff that it might be the proper time to make a fresh pot since all 4 were empty. They think someone else will do it for them. But this is typical in so many situations
    today. As in third grade at Parkside.

  4. Wendy’s got my hamburger wrong 2 times in a row today. When I discovered the mustard the first time (after I had said, no mustard, no pickle) I walked back up there and told them there was mustard on the burger.

    You could have heard crickets chirping.

    I then got my second burger, sat down, and there was mustard on it also. I walked back up there and said, “this one also has mustard on it, and I didn’t want mustard.” The girl hollers back to me, “That was no lettuce, no pickle?”

    NOOOOOOO. It was “NO PICKLE, NO MUSTARD!” Is that really that hard? I totally watched them to make sure they didn’t spit in my food after that.

  5. Wow, they girl is even dumber than me, lol! I can’t believe you paid for a whole trip with change! That is awesome! When I’m tired, I give into to the whining too, so don’t feel too bad!

  6. My husband is working for his dad right now, and that’s going well. He’s still looking, but also thinking about going back to school. Not sure what will happen, but we’re doing O.K. Thanks for asking!

  7. One more McD’s comment.

    A man in line at McD’s in front of your mother, ordered one black coffee. The person running the register asked, “Do you
    want cream with that?”

    That is completely true.

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