Happy Days are Here Again

Alright, I said I wasn’t going to post about being sick anymore, but I thought I should let you know we are alive, well and pretty much recovered from our afflictions.

The general consensus is that we all were stricken with Swine Flu. The doctor Dave saw last week told him Swine was the only kind of flu going around where we live, and our symptoms matched the diagnosis.

Wade was the last to go down, but his case was the mildest. He’s already feeling better. My theory is that he got well faster because he sleeps so much. I’m sure Dave and I would have felt better more quickly if we took three naps a day. Besides the lack of time available for sleeping during the daytime, we were up all hours of the night with two sick kids.

I learned yesterday a six month old baby from our area passed away last week after getting Swine Flu. I’m glad I didn’t read about that until Wade, who will be six months old tomorrow, was better, or I’m sure I would have completely freaked out.

Even with rest this stuff just hangs on for a long time. It left us feeling exhausted long after the fevers, sore throats and sniffles were gone.

I’m pretty sure it left a couple extra pounds around my middle too. All that laying around, and when I get sick I get hungry. Other people are always telling me, “Yeah, I was so sick, but at least I lost five pounds.” Not me. I guess I’m of the Feed a Cold school. But then I feed so fever too, so whatever. It didn’t help that there was Hall-o-ween candy hanging around.

I was supposed to go to my mommy’s group this morning, but still didn’t quite feel up to it. Some of that was the flu, and some of that was Wade waking up at 5 a.m thanks to the glorious effects of Falling Back for Daylight Savings Time last week.

Who’s time is that saving exactly?

Not mine when I go through weeks after bleary-eyed with something akin to jet lag.

I felt better later in the morning after a good strong cup of coffee and a shower, so we all ventured out of the house together for the first time in about two weeks.

We really needed to go out.

Cabin fever was about to eat us alive.

I think the flu may have fried my brain though.

I went into The Children’s Place to buy some new jeans for David. Their 2 pairs for $28 is a good deal, and I had a coupon for 20 percent off. I was congratulating myself on how thrifty I was to be getting those jeans for less than $12 each when the confused clerk interrupted my self-admiration to inform me that the coupon was no good.

Because it was for Gymboree.


I got the jeans anyway, and the clerk has a good story to tell everyone about the ditsy mom who can’t read.

My bruised ego was soothed by a delicious Pumpkin Spice Chiller. I usually have the Pumpkin Spice Latte, but today something cold and creamy was very appealing. And indeed it was delicious. I’m not sure you could really ever go wrong with pumpkin spice anything to be honest.

Maybe I wanted something cold because the weather was just lovely. Today and over the weekend we managed to hit 70 degrees. That’s unheard of this time of year in West Michigan. I know I’ve driven through more than one snow storm on Nov. 9th.

Speaking of driving, I hate doing it at night in the fall. Deer are on the move, and I am so worried I’ll hit one. I’ve seen several along our road. I try to stay alert, constantly scanning the woods on either side me looking for venison as I go down the road. But it’s almost impossible to see them until they’re leaping through your windshield.

David wants to know why deer don’t know to look both ways before crossing the street.

In spite of not liking to drive to at night, I went to the grocery store after dinner anyway. Thanks to DST it’s dark at 6 o’ clock now.

Anyway, I went ALONE.

No crying.

No whining.

No arguing.

No stopping to feed the baby or change a diaper.

No one putting extra things not on the list in the cart.

It was so fast. So stress-free, and so much less expensive.

Grocery shopping should always be done alone.

And now I’m completely worn out so I’m off to bed before I have a relapse.

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  1. hello it is my first visit to your site it is amazing ,i am sorry for your flu but thank god that you recovered well,strong will power with the blessing of god can make anything possible take great care god bless you

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