No Wonder Kids are Afraid to Go to the Doctor

I got up this morning, and took Wade to the doctor for his six month check-up. And you know us. No day that includes a trip to the doctor can every be dull day here.

I always schedule these things for the morning, because at the time it seems like a good idea to get get it over and done with first thing. Then when the day actually comes, and I’m running around to trying to get everybody up and dressed and going, I end up regretting it.

I really needed a shower this morning, but weighed that against my need to have enough time to drive-thru McDonalds for a Non-fat, Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte on the way.

The caffeine won out.

My hair was a mess, but missing out on my morning coffee is way worse than a bad hair day.

F.Y.I McDonalds, you might want to teach your employees the difference between a quarter and a gold dollar. I got an extra .75 cents back today.

The doctor is 45 minutes away. I don’t think we could ever find a better pediatrician, so we still see one in Grand Rapids even though we moved three years ago. It’s totally worth the drive. And it was a nice drive since I had my latte to sip.

Wade weighed in at 17 lbs. 3 oz. and is 27 inches long. He’s in the 50th percentile still. He’s not going to be huge like his older brother David.

After the nurse weighed Wade (Ha, ha — weighed, wade — it sounds the same. I’m easily amused.), and we were back in the room waiting for the doctor, I decided to change his diaper since his clothes were off already. I got the wet diaper off, and the clean one under him. Then while I was fiddling with a particularly stubborn tab that was stuck, Waded peed.

Without the diaper secured in place it went everywhere.

All over Wade.

All over the paper table liner.

All over the table.

Thankfully that paper liner is pretty absorbent, and I had a lot of baby wipes with me. I got it all cleaned up just before the doctor came in.

The exam reveled that Wade is normal and healthy and growing fine.

Poor Wade. Things got real bad for him after the doctor left.

The nurse came in to give him four shots, and an oral vaccine.

You’ll never guess what one of the shots was.


It’s a little late for that one.

After that nasty tasting stuff, and all those pokes, Wade was mad. I’ve never seen him that mad. It took a good 10 minutes to settle him down enough to put him in the car seat, so we could get out of there.

Too anyone who heard me singing You Are My Sunshine off key in the exam room, I’m sorry, but it always calms him down.

You probably didn’t hear me though over Wade’s screams.

Now Wade has a fever. He’s had a fever after each vaccination so far. With five today, I’m not surprised that he’s especially miserable.

Wade needed a lot of cuddling and holding tonight. He’s finally asleep in his bed now.

We’ll see how long that last.

I think it might be a long night.

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