25 Days of Merry – Days 5&6 – Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer Crafts for Kids

We had a busy week last week, and a busy weekend.

The first weekend in December is like our Black Friday when it comes to the Family Business. (No we are not in the mob.) I even pitched in to help. So Dave and I weren’t home much. My mom came up from Indiana to watch David and Wade while we merrily made some money.

And Mom didn’t let me down. She arrived with all kinds of Christmas things to do with David. She has a pretty good repertoire of stuff like that built up after years of teaching school.  (She should have her own blog or write a book or something.)

I though I’d share the crafts David made with her. They all have a theme by the way. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. David loves that cartoon. I think it’s weird and creepy. All the stuff about misfit toys and the big foot looking creature. It didn’t seem strange when I was a kid, but now… (Shudder.)

Anyway, these are all really simple things you can do at home, and you probably have most supplies on hand already.

The first is this clothespin Rudolph ornament.


Just glue two clothespins back to back. Here’s a view from the side.


Then glue a third near the top of the other two, upside down to  make the antlers. A small red pom-pom makes the nose. You can draw on the eyes, or glue on some little plastic googly eyes. Finally, tie some yarn around the body for hanging on the tree.

David likes to play with puppets, so the next thing Mom made with David was a Rudolph sock puppet.


All you need is an old sock, a red button for the nose, two buttons for the eyes. She used white buttons and colored them in a little with a permanent marker. The antlers are cut from felt. She tried to talk David into some other color, but he insisted on yellow. You’ll probably have to help little ones with the sewing, but then they’ll have lots of fun doing puppet shows for you afterward.

The last craft is this big Rudolph face.


All you need for this is some construction paper, glue, scissors and something to draw with.

Cut out a pear-shape for the head. A paper bag will do in a pinch if you don’t have brown construction paper. Then cut out some ears in a leaf shape and two half-moons for eyelids from the same paper. The nose is a red circle of course. Cut out black and white circles to make the eyes. The curved black strip above the nose is his bridle. Finally cut out some antlers. Then just glue it all together, and draw on the mouth.

Hope you can have some fun with one of these crafts at your house.

And thanks Mom!

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  1. That is my sock! How did she get out of the house with it?

    David’s current favorite color is “yellow.” Hence
    the antlers.

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