I Promise not to Call Him that when He’s Sixteen. (At least in Public.)

Oh, little Wade. I’m so over the moon about him.

It’s not that I’m playing favorites. I love his big brother David just as  much.

But David is my first-born. When he was this age I was consumed with just trying to figure out how be a mom to a baby. Most days were about merely surviving.

I still don’t know all the answers, but I know enough of them that this time around I can relax and enjoy my sweet little baby.

Wade turns me into a big ball of mush every time he smiles or coos.

His chubby little tummy is so soft and cute.

He smells so good. Only the way babies can.

I call Wade all kinds of silly names. Much to my husband’s dismay.

The Wade-a-Nator. That one was actually bestowed upon him by David.

The Wadester. The Wade-O-Rama. The Wade-Man. Wader. Waddles. Baby Wade. Wade the Babe.

The latest? Wader Tater.

And sometimes he is just The Wade. An entity unto himself.

Oh, I know they’re all corny. You’re probably cringing at the ooy-gooey sweetness.

But he’s mine. And he makes my heart full.

Do you have silly names for your kids?

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7 Responses to I Promise not to Call Him that when He’s Sixteen. (At least in Public.)

  1. My favorite is Wader Tater, but there are all too cute!

    I used to call Jackson, “Munchkin butt” until Jackson fussed at me because, “We’re not supposed to say butt.”

    So now I call him “Munchkin hiney!”

  2. we call the girls by their blog nicknames. i’ve also started calling them sis and sissy something i swore i would never do, but it just started coming out and it stuck. yikes. ha! we also call millie, the millie monster or baby monster! heehee! that started when she would attack the little people when peanut and i were playing with them and it just sort of stuck. haha! it fits her personality too. she is a bull dozer.

  3. The carrots match his hair. He seems to be able to match colors. (Or is that summer squash with food coloring?)

    Didn’t someone think “Collie” was a good nickname until it was learned that was also a dog?

  4. LOL Colleen this is so cute and so is your Wader tater! (I love that one) LOL
    I had plenty of course with 5 kids. The one that comes to mind right away… My oldest is a Junior and we call him C.J.- Well, ya know how baby feet are so tiny and with socks on they get Toe jam… LOL well we would call CJ that cuz it seemed like he got more than any baby I had ever seen and we would call him TJ for short if someone was around- LOL This went on until he was about 3 yrs old- I tease him about it now… & he still gets toe jam!

  5. I know what you mean. It’s like that with my youngest too. With my oldest I was learning how to be a mom, and he was only 19 months when my second was born, so I was learning how to handle a two year old while my second was little…but now my third is here with a good 3 years between him and his closest brother. He’s probably going to be our last, and I’m so aware of that as he goes through each stage. He’s my sugar bear!

  6. I love Wader Tater!
    My daughter’s nickname (5yr) is Trottolina – which is Italian for little top, the kind that you spin. I have no idea why I started calling her that when she was a toddler, but it’s stuck for me. She’s sweetpea for my husband.
    My son, who is 2 1/2… I’m embarassed to admit that he was Porkchop when he was between 11-18mos or so… because of how much he would eat. Now he’s Monkeypants. I think that one is self explanatory 😉

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