I’ll Explain it Tomorrow

Sometimes I like to mess with David’s head, because — well — just because I can. Is it mean? Maybe. Is it fun? Definitely!

“Mommie what day is it?”


“Is it tomorrow?”

“No. It’s today.”

“But yesterday you said it would be tomorrow. When is tomorrow?”


“So when it’s Tuesday, it will be tomorrow.”

“No, then Tuesday will be today. Tomorrow will be Wednesday.”

“Mommie, you don’t understand what I’m asking. I want to know what day is tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow never comes, because it’s always today.”

“Agh! Mommie! Never mind.”

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9 Responses to I’ll Explain it Tomorrow

  1. Happy SITS day! I’m now a follower. I love this post:) my son is only 15 months so I know i’ve so much to look foward to;)
    Come see me at my blog.
    See you soon

  2. You are beginning to sound like your father. That’s just the thing we would say to someone to torment them. You learned well from your father.

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