Um, St. Patrick’s Day? Whoops.

I’m trying to get over a bad cold, and I completely forgot about St. Patrick’s Day.

That’s pretty bad considering that according to my Ancestry.com research at least 50 percent of my ancestors are Irish.

And my name, CeeGee? The Gaelic word for girl.

We’re not even wearing green today.

I made some cupcakes, and when the boys wake up from their nap we’ll slather them with green frosting.

Erin Go Bragh.

What I won’t be doing is cooking Corned Beef and Cabbage.

My mom made it often when I was a kid. Not just on St. Patrick’s Day. I didn’t like it at all. A couple years ago I decided to try making it myself. I thought maybe since I was an adult I’d like it. I like lots of foods now that I wouldn’t eat as kid.

Nope. Still don’t like Corned Beef and Cabbage.

Here’s some useless information for you. Do you know eating Corned Beef and Cabbage isn’t an Irish tradition? It’s American. Straight from the melting pot. Back in Ireland they ate a piece of pork called Bacon Joint with their cabbage and potatoes. But Irish Immigrants couldn’t find Bacon Joint in America, so they substituted Corned Beef which they purchased from Jewish butchers.

Isn’t that fascinating?

I know that’s why you keep coming back here day after day.

I did try to explain St. Patrick’s Day to David a week or so ago. I told him he was part Irish, and he got mad.

“I’m not Irish! I’m American! I hate the Irish!”

I didn’t realize how deep his patriotism runs, or how strongly he dislikes Notre Dame fans.

I’m gonna mix up that green frosting now, and if I’m lucky maybe a leprechaun will show up with some gold.

Photo used under Creative Commons License.

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12 Responses to Um, St. Patrick’s Day? Whoops.

  1. I have a lot of Irish on both sides of my family, but you couldn’t pay me to eat corned beef and cabbage….I am so glad to know it isn’t actually Irish….I feel released from ever worrying about it again!
    .-= Tracie´s last blog ..-St Patrick =-.

  2. btw…i can’t bear the thought of even tasting corned beef and cabbage. i don’t know why. i have never tried it but i am a-thinking i wouldn’t like it. my dad on the otherhand, took “special friend” out for lunch specifically for this entree. she was excited too. generational thing?????
    .-= Mindy´s last blog ..Homemade Playdough =-.

  3. I don’t know about St. Patrick’s day, because we don’t celebrate it in my country, but I sure like the irish stories, they totally fascinated me as a child, they’re so full of mystery and adventure that I can’t get enough

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