Gull Meadow Farms – Fall Fun

We took our annual fall trip to Gull Meadow Farms a couple weeks ago.

They have lots of fun activities for the kids. A train, big slide, giant trampolines. The zip line is one of David’s favorite.

David also liked climbing the straw bales. While I was watching David, I heard a woman ask her husband, “What are those big blocks they’re climbing on?” I’m not a farm girl, but at least I know what a bale of straw is.

We found David hanging around in the apple basket.

Fall in Michigan means doughnuts, and apple cider. I’m not sure how these two things came to be eaten together. Sweet doughnuts, and tart apple cider really don’t go together. But it’s what we do here.

It was chilly that day, so we had to bundle up if you’re wondering why they have their winter gear on already. Of course the next day it was almost 80 degrees again. Just another typical part of fall in Michigan.

Wade went with us last fall, but he was just a little baby. This was the first year he got to join in.

After playing, and eating our snack, we went on a wagon ride back to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard.

Wade really enjoyed the wagon ride.

We let David pick out the pumpkin to take home for our Jack-O-Lantern.

Our pumpkins in the pumpkin patch.

I can’t resist the cuteness of a little guy wondering through the pumpkins, so there’s a lot of photos like this.

This is the boys in front of the corn maze. We don’t go in the corn maze. When David was two, we learned our lesson about small children and corn mazes. You. Will. Never. Get. Out.

Next we checked out the orchard.

Wade wanted to pick up and eat all the apples on the ground.

Wade liked looking at the colorful mums in the greenhouse too.

How do you celebrate fall where you live?

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  1. We celebrate Fall by going to Corn School. What else? But this year I
    missed the Friday night parade with the fire trucks. Had to watch
    somebody play his last football game of the season.

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