As if They Were Roses

David came running in the house the other day from playing outside very excited.

“Mommy! I have something for you!” He held his hands behind his back concealing his gift. Then proudly he thrust a handful of dandelions at me, a huge smile lighting up his face. “Flowers! I picked flowers for you. Here. Put  them in water so they don’t die.”

“Oh, dandelions! Thank you!” I hugged him tight, and took the “flowers” from him. Not only did he give me a handful of weeds, he picked them too short. The only container small enough to hold them was a tiny 4 oz. jelly jar.

I didn’t fake my enthusiasm though when he gave the dandelions to me. His gesture was authentic. He thought I would like the pretty flowers, that they would make me happy. He gathered them and presented them to me with love as if they were a beautiful bouquet of roses. That he thought of me, that he wanted to please me and the love in his eyes were greater gifts than an entire field of roses.

As adults how often do we hold back, because we think our “weeds” aren’t good enough? We don’t accept new opportunities, because what little talent we have to offer won’t make a difference. We miss out on new friendships, because we don’t think we’re all that interesting and they wouldn’t want to hang out with us. We even hold back with God, because we think we’re too big a mess for Him.

What if we always took the best we had, and presented it as if it were roses boldly with sincerity, thoughtfulness and love? Even if we think our best isn’t good enough. Authenticity can go a long way in business and relationships. As for God, all he asks for is a sincerely contrite heart. It doesn’t need to be cleaned up first. He’ll do that.

Let your dandelions bloom!

For the LORD does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7

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  1. So true! Have you ever heard the song- “Dandelions”? I think it was by Five Iron Frenzy? Can’t remember. But check it out! It will go along with exactly what you said! I’m sure you can find it on YouTube 

  2. Saturday David asked me if I had any dandelions
    at my house. I said “yes”, but did not tell
    hm I had applied “weed and feed” the day before.

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