Wade is Two!

We celebrated Wade’s second birthday yesterday.

It was a pretty low key celebration. Both the boys and I were so sick last week. We’re still recovering, and there wasn’t a lot of pre-planning since we barely left the house. We managed to throw together a little party for the four if us with cake yesterday afternoon.

Wade loves Spongebob. I know it’s sad that he’s only two and he can sing the theme song by heart already. With a six year old brother in the house it’s hard to keep Spongebob on the down-low.

Wade tried to blow out the candles,

but he couldn’t do it. He got a little frustrated.

So big brother David helped him out.

When it came to eating the cake, Wade was all about the frosting.


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  1. he is so stinking cute! i think i know a little girl that would be awfully cute paired up with him. 😉 happy belated birthday, wade!!!!

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