Earl’s Farm Market in Fennville

We went strawberry picking over the weekend at Earl’s Farm Market in Glenn, MI. It was the first time we took the boys, and Dave and I hadn’t been since we were kids.

I’m lazy. Usually I just buy a flat or two of already picked strawberries at a fruit stand for making jam.  But I remember baking and sweating in the sun in a hot strawberry patch with my mom when I was little. I figured my kids deserved to suffer the same at least once.

Strawberry picking has come a long way since I was a kid though.

When we got there we were hungry. We probably should have worked first, but instead we headed for the farm’s bakery for some sweet treats.

Strawberry shortcake with ice cream.

It was huge! This photo is after a few bites. I’m glad we only ordered one. It was so good, and really tasted like homemade.

We also sampled their cinnamon rolls which were just as tasty as the shortcake. The boys loved them.

After we filled up on goodies we headed out to the patch.

David and Wade put a few of the berries they picked in their baskets, but I think they ate most of the ones they picked.

Here’s David back in the farm market store where there are fruits, pies, baked goods and other Michigan-made food products for sale.

Here’s a photo of David and I in front of the strawberry field just to prove that I was there too. I’m always taking the pictures, and never in them. Pretend like my hair isn’t all puffy, and out of control. Humidity isn’t kind to me.

We loved Earl’s Farm Market. I’d go back again just to eat at the bakery!

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