Summer Sta-cation ’11 – The Fennville Adventure Part 3: Crane’s Pie Pantry

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After the boys were such troopers during lunch at Fennville Station I decided to take them to Crane’s Pie Pantry for dessert. Crane’s is a restaurant, apple orchard and farm market just outside of Fennville.

We usually visit apple orchards in the fall in Michigan, but if you want a yummy slice of apple pie, and a cold glass of apple cider in June, you can get them at Crane’s. Well, actually it’s a cold canning jar of apple cider. It’s casual. Very casual. Just right for my boys.

Part of the fun of eating at Crane’s is looking at the antiques that hang from every inch of wall and celing in the restaurant. You think Cracker Barrel has a big collection? Crane’s is – well – Cracker Barrel on crack.

That’s David above enjoying an apple butter ice cream cone. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds. He doesn’t like apple pie. I know. That’s weird and downright un-american. Wade and I indulged in the apple pie as well as some ice cream. Crane’s has lots of sinful desserts on their menu that involve various fruit pies, ice cream, chocolate and even doughnuts. They also serve things like hamburgers, hot dogs and deli sandwiches.

After dessert the boys and I walked down to the apple orchard so they could run off all the sugar.

Look, ity-bity baby apples! These will be delicious come September.

Once the boys were good and tired we finally headed home from our day of adventure in Fennville.

We’re Stay-cationing all summer long. Live in West Michigan or plan to visit soon? Come back each week for new family-friendly activities in our area.

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