Summer Stay-cation ’11 – The Fennville Adventure Part 1: Children’s Museum

We’re on week four of our Summer Stay-cation in West Michigan. Yeah, it’s not really summer yet. David isn’t out of school yet, but when the weather finally gets warm around here we take advantage of it. We go out and play!

David didn’t have kindergarten Friday, so we had the whole day to go exploring. I was on my own with the boys since my husband was working. We headed to the Fennville Children’ Museum. A place we’d never visited, but we’re curious about it for a long time.

Fennville is a pretty small town. We’d driven through a few times, but never stopped. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the children’s museum turned out to be wonderful. There were lots of hands on activities that interested six-year-old David, and also ones that were simple enough for two-year-old Wade to enjoy as well.

David loved this hand-cycle.

This firetruck was popular with both boys.

David was very interested in this pulley.

You may remember the story about David making his own pulley system with rope, and attempting to hoist baby Wade in a laundry basket up to the top of his loft bed.

When you first arrive The Fennville Children’s Museum looks small, but it’s packed with a lot to do. We spent about two hours there, and could have stayed longer except we got hungry. It was well worth the drive, and $10.50 admission for the three of us.

So we left the museum to eat, and that’s when the day really got interesting…

(To be continued…Summer Stay-cation ’11 – The Fennville Adventure Part 2: Fennville Station Restaurant)

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