West Michigan Stay-cation ’11 – Gilmore Car Museum

For our Stay-cation day last week we headed to Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners.

Yes, there really is a Hickory Corners, Michigan. Yes, it’s as small as it sounds.

There’s nothing small about the Gilmore Car Museum though. Hundreds of automobiles are on display from some of the very first cars ever made to modern-day vehicles. Here’s the boys checking out some of the cars.

This pink convertible Thunderbird was my favorite. I don’t know anything about how cars work beyond putting the key in the ignition, but I do appreciate a pretty automobile that goes fast.

David liked this one.

He also liked this little car that was a child’s toy.

Both the boys liked climbing through this double-decker bus.

Visiting the Gilmore Car Museum is a little bit like stepping back in time. David was really interested in this replica 1950’s Shell gas station.

My favorite part of the day was eating lunch at the diner.

The diner is the real thing, not a replica like the gas station.

The old diner was moved from the East Coast to the museum a few years ago. Here’s David at the lunch counter with my parents.

There was a telephone booth in the back of the diner. I had to show David how to dial the rotary phone. After I explained to him what a pay phone was.

History, nostalgia, fast cars and yummy homemade pie from the diner. The Gilmore Car Museum has something for everyone.

We’re Stay-cationing in West Michigan all summer long. It’s a great place to live. When it’s not snowing. Come back and see where we go next week.


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