Binder Park Zoo

We headed to Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek for our Stay-cation day last week.

Cute and cuddly doesn’t come to mind when I think of snakes, but these two snakes were snuggled up together.

The best feature at this zoo is the up-close interaction you get to have with some pretty cool animals.

There are peacocks just hanging around all over the zoo.

But the coolest thing is getting to feed the giraffes.

I mean how often to you get to get up close and personal with an animal like that?

Oh, I just want to take one home with me!

Now Wade wasn’t too thrilled about all the intimate interaction with the animals. He wouldn’t feed the giraffes, and the goats — well, look at this next series of photos.

David liked the goats.

Wade on the other hand was terrified.


Wade screamed and ran away. The tiny goat that just stood there looking at him.

Wade liked the slide better.

The boys also went for a ride on the carousel.

Now we do have a lot of fun on these family outings, but moments like these are the real pay off.


We’ve been stay-cationing in West Michigan all summer long. We have two weeks left before school starts. Check out where we’ve been, and come back to see where we go next week! Hey, Michigan is a great place to visit. When it’s not snowing.

2 Responses to Binder Park Zoo

  1. We didn’t go anywhere either this summer. It’s all about staycations up in here! I love your photos from the zoo, the close ups are really fab! They let you get that close to the animals? That’s awesome!

  2. Love Binder, unfortunatly I could only afford John Ball this year, still a lot of fun. My favorite at Binder is the swamp adventure boardwalk. My sister-in-law said that we should go to Binder in the spring after the babies come.

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