Why Not May 32nd?

Why did they add an extra day to February of all months?

Why not May, June or July? Wouldn’t you rather have one more day of August? What’s wrong with an August 32nd every four years?

February is the most miserable month. It’s usually cold, snowy and gray where I live. I spend all 28, and sometimes 29, days just waiting for it to end so we can get on to March and spring already. But summer when the sun is out and the water if fine  — who doesn’t want an extra day of that?

Are you with me? Let’s move Leap Day to July. We can squeeze it in between July 4th and 5th. We’ll call it July 4th and 1/2. Every four years Independence Day will be a two-day holiday.

Or how about the day after Thanksgiving? We could have Black Friday and Black Friday Part 2: Shop ’till You Drop. I’m sure the stores would love an extra day tacked on to the biggest weekend of the year.

l’ll take another day anywhere between April and November as long as there’s no more prolonging the pain of winter.

What about September? Add Leap Day to Labor Day weekend. One more day of summer’s last hurrah!

Oh, come on. It could work.

10 Responses to Why Not May 32nd?

  1. You really need to come for a visit. February is gorgeous here in Brisbane. And, March 1st is the first day of Autumn. Still so weird to see the Easter Bunny and Fall leaves decorations out in the malls.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! An extra day is great if you live in sunny southern California or some other warm place but it sucks here in Michigan!

  3. You raise a good point here. I just had to Google the question. The answer is far too complex to summarize here. Short answer: blame it on the lunar cycle. I’m always up for an extra day of nice weather.

  4. But Feb is my birthday month. And my sons birthday month. And Valentines Day which just means excess of chocolate which is awesome! And it only has 28 days. And and and
    Oh ok, I live in Cali. Is 70 degrees here. I shouldnt get a vote.

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