Cloud Dough or Why Everything on Pinterest isn’t a Good Idea

It’s hot.


Super hawt!

So we either go outside and get wet or we stay inside.

Keeping two little boys occupied and off the chandeliers (No. We don’t actually have any chandeliers. You were impressed for a second, huh?) isn’t easy. So I turned to my good ol’ friend Pinterest for ideas.

There are some really, really great ideas on Pinterest.

Other’s are just really great in theory.

Such as Cloud Dough.

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that a full bottle of Baby Oil, 5 1/2 pounds of flour, a three-year-old boy and seven-year-old boy weren’t a good combination before I gave them the cloud dough to play with.

That’s right. You  mix the oil and flour together and it forms a solid yet pliable state that’s kind of like Playdough. Only much messier. You can squish it, mold it and throw it all over the place.

Yeah, that last one. Kind of a problem.

We started out playing with the Cloud Dough in the kitchen. After about 15 minutes I realized it needed to go outside unless I wanted to  dust oily flour off of everything in the house until eternity.

In my rush to clean up the mess before dinner, I didn’t think to take pictures of the Cloud Dough aftermath in the kitchen.

The next morning, before it heated up and while the patio was still in the shade, we took the Cloud Dough outside. I do have pictures of that.

David making a mountain out of Cloud Dough.
Wade also had fun withe Cloud Dough. Note that there is a mess on the ground several feet away from where they are playing.
Is there anything more heart warming than two brothers making a huge mess together?
A very small part of the mess left on the patio.

And that is why you should never give two little boys Cloud Dough in the house.

You shouldn’t give it to them outside either.

Especially if you have a dog. Because when you let the dog out she will try to eat the Cloud Dough that fell on the ground. But she can’t eat the Cloud Dough because the Baby Oil in it is toxic. Maybe in a normal summer you could wait for it to rain, but there’s a better chance of me getting those chandeliers then there is of the drought ending and water falling from the sky. So then you’re husband will come home, and he’ll spend 30 minutes cleaning the Cloud Dough off the patio with the hose sprayer because it’s now sun-dried onto the cement.

Taking the Cloud Dough to the grass might help, but I say to all of you who pinned the Cloud Dough on your Pinterest boards, just go on over there now and delete it.

You will be so glad you did.


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3 Responses to Cloud Dough or Why Everything on Pinterest isn’t a Good Idea

  1. hmmmm… makes me wonder if you could substitute a vegetable oil? then your dog could assist with the clean-up. or not… 😀

  2. Why didn’t you just try foot painting (instead of finger painting) like one of your mother’s
    teacher friends? Afraid they would spread the mess farher?

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