Hometown West Michigan: Herman’s Boy Inc.

About a month ago my husband Dave took me to Herman’s Boy, Inc. in Rockford, Michigan. He went to buy grilling supplies. They have just about anything you need to cook outdoors from grills, to smokers to rubs and sauces in the section of the store called appropriately, The Outdoor Cook. Dave brought home some real hickory wood to use in our smoker.

I was surprised by everything else they have at Herman’s Boy. There’s a Confectionary where they make their own Mackinaw style fudge, hand dipped chocolates and more. Another section of the store is called the Cookery Nook where they sell just about every kind of kitchen utensil and gadget you will ever need.

My favorite part of Herman’s Boy, and how they got their start over 100 years ago, is The Coffee Ranch. They fresh roast all their own coffee. They have several special house blends as well as flavored coffees and coffees of the month. They also sell specialty teas. I picked up some Salted Caramel Mocha Coffee when I was there. It was to die for. It made getting up every morning worth it.

They keep their coffees and specialty teas in these antique cases at Herman’s Boy.

The other cool part about Herman’s Boy is the Bakery and Deli. You can take home a variety of cheeses and meats including pulled pork and BBQ ribs. The bakery has everything from brownies to cupcakes to cinnamon rolls. Stay for lunch like we did and indulge in their pulled pork and other goodies on site.

Herman’s Boy from the outside.

Herman’s Boy is a unique and delicious West Michigan experience, and I recommend you visit soon and take your appetite.

For more about Herman’s Boy visit their website.

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  1. We live just a few blocks from Hermans Boy, always looking for a reason to stop in. The Havemeier family is always so welcoming! So happy to have them in our town.

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