Mama Styled: Moto Jacket Two Ways

Yeah! Here we go! Another Mama Styled post.

The edgy look is big this fall. It’s really different from what I usually wear. But I wanted a little fashion adventure, and it seemed like a good way to get in touch with my inner rebel, which I’ve kept mostly repressed since my early *20’s.

*See: A long time ago.

It’s easy to take any trendy look too far. I don’t want to look like I’m auditioning for an 80’s hair band. So I picked just two pieces, camo pants and a moto jacket, that I could mix with things already in my closet.

pantsfullI don’t think I’ve ever owned anything camouflage before even though I live in Michigan, the hunting and fishing capital of the world. Mostly because I don’t hunt or fish. But, when you turn camo into a pair of skinny jeans, suddenly it’s cute!

pantscloseI’ve never had a motorcycle jacket either, because, again, I don’t own a motorcycle. But they are one of the biggest trends this fall, and it seemed like a nice change from the jean jacket I wear all the time. I love it! I slip that baby on, and I feel all rock-and-roll and fierce, not like I’m a 38 year-old SAHM with two kids. And really isn’t that one of the great things about clothes? How a piece you love can make you feel good?

Here’s a little secret. It’s faux leather. Most of the time I don’t like fake leather jackets. But in the case of something trendy, I don’t think it’s worth investing hundreds in the real thing when it might end up in the donation bin next fall.

accessoriesTo soften up the camo pants, I added the Owl necklace and black-on-black sparkly flats. I usually prefer simple to flashy. To much bling makes people look like Christmas trees. But the camo and the moto jacket cancel out enough of the sparkles that it all balances out. I think the key to pulling off this look is to take an edgy piece and mix it with something softer or more feminine.

Moto Jacket – Bongo (Sears)

Camo Pants – Bongo (Sears, in store, similar)

Sparkly Black Flats (Payless, in store, similar)

Owl Necklace – (Walmart)

The other fun thing to do with a moto jacket is wear it over a dress. I love this ponte knit sheath dress I found at Target last year.

dressfull(The top and dress I wore under jacket are both a mustard, a perfect color for fall.)

The necklace is a favorite Esty find that’s making a return appearance from a few weeks ago. I love boots. I have lots, and I wear them all the time in the fall and winter. I’ve had these Sam & Libby boots for a few years. They were just the right thing to finish off the outfit.

Ponte Knit Sheath Dress (Target, similar)

Black Boots (Sam & Libby, Famous Footwear, similar)

What I learned this week:

1. You can’t take pictures of green camo pants in front of a green bush, because it makes your legs disappear, which is slimming, but weird.

2. I think I’m getting better at taking pictures of myself. They seem a little less awkward. Are they a little less awkward? Wow. There’s a skill only a blogger would put on their resume.

I have to be self-deprecating about this, otherwise I just feel completely ridiculous.

So what new trends are you trying out this fall?

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9 Responses to Mama Styled: Moto Jacket Two Ways

  1. The outfits look great on you! What new trends am I trying out? I think maybe I’ll go through my closet and see if I can find something I haven’t worn in a while. Haha. I’m pathetic, I don’t like to shop. I like the cute little boutique downtown, because the owner basically dresses me when I go in.

  2. I really like the moto jacket trend, even though I haven’t bought one myself. My daughter has a few from Forever 21 and I may ask if I can borrow one this winter, just for fun. Maybe wear it on date night or something.

    Skinny jeans is one trend I hope stays for a long time!

  3. You really pull off the moto jacket and camo pants well! I’ve been wanting to get a moto jacket, but can’t find one that looks or fits right. It’s so sad!

  4. Hey there! I found your blog on SITS! I absolutely love that outfit. I can’t wait until it gets a little cooler around here. I can’t wait to wear boots! I’m a new follower through Twitter & BlogLovin. I hope you & your family are having a great weekend.

  5. I am obsessed with skinny camo pants right now – I just ordered a pair! I also have never had any camo despite having lived in Arkansas, Oklahoma, & Texas… I have wanted a moto jacket my entire life. This may be the season to finally get it! Love your looks 🙂 (Stopping by from SITS!)

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