A Day at Cedar Point with the Family

A trip to Cedar Point was a part of summer, growing up in Northern Indiana. I went at least once every year starting the summer after fifth grade. We would always leave early in the morning, so that we arrived just when the gates opened. Waking up wasn’t a problem, since I was always too excited to sleep the night before.


I still get excited about going to Cedar Point. The roller coasters have only become taller and faster over the years. There’s no other amusement park in the country with so many big roller coasters in one place. I’ve visited a lot of amusement parks, even the one with the mouse down in Florida, and Cedar Point is still my favorite.

I also get excited about showing my kids around the park. David, my 10-year-old, loves visiting, and the anticipation did keep him up most of the night. David and I spent the first half of the day in the park together riding all the big roller coasters like The Millennium, Raptor and the new Rougarou.

rougarou It was nice to spend some one-on-one time with him. It’s not something we get to do very often. I told him I’d been coming to Cedar Point for 30 years now!davidlunch

Later in the day, David spent some time in the park with his dad, so I got to hang out with his little brother Wade. We split up, because the boys have such a size difference they can’t ride the same rides. It was hot in the afternoon, and Wade and I stopped at the splashpad to cool off.


We stayed in the park until it closed. I was glad we had a room just a short walk away at the newly remodeled Hotel Breakers, because we were all exhausted from having so much fun. We stayed at the hotel before the remodel also, and I really like how they’ve updated the rooms with bright colors and a beachy feel.


As you can see, my family had no problem making themselves comfortable in the room.

The hotel sits right on Lake Erie with a beautiful white sand beach, perfect for sunbathing and swimming.


If you’re a little chilly after hitting the water, you can warm up at the beautiful new fire pit.


I know we’ll be back, because I can’t wait to take Wade on The Millennium when he’s finally big enough!

Cedar Point provided us with admission to the park and accommodations at Hotel Breakers.



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