Campfire Kitchen Essentials

When we go camping, one of the things we enjoy the most is cooking over the campfire. Nothing tastes as good as a hamburger cooked over a wood fire, and it’s fun to try a different way of preparing food. It might seem a little scary if it’s something you’ve never done before. But with the right tools it’s pretty simple and very rewarding. These are the must have tools we use in our campfire kitchen:

Campfire Kitchen Essentials

1. Cast Iron Dutch Oven – You can make everything from soups and stews to cakes and breads in a dutch oven over your campfire. Bringing one of these along on your camping trip gives your menu endless possibilities.


2. Cast Iron Skillet – Bacon, omelets, scrambled eggs, potatoes, anything you can cook in a skillet on the stove you can cook on a skillet over the campfire.


3. Cast Iron Griddle – Use your griddle for pancakes, hamburgers or chicken. It can also take the place of a skillet.


4. Campfire Tripod Grill – You can either grill directly on the tripod (like the one in the photo above), or use it as a base to hold pots and skillets over the fire. The height is adjustable which allows you to control the heat by moving your food closer to or father away from the fire.

5. Fire Starters – Kindling and tinder is usually pretty picked over at campsites since everyone always needs it for their fire. If you bring your own, you’ll get your fire started faster. You can purchase fire starters at camping supply stores or you can make your own for almost free. All you need is an empty toilet paper roll, dryer lint and wax paper. Stuff the dryer lint in the roll and wrap with wax paper.


6. Cooking Spray – When you’re cooking over a campfire, stuff can get baked onto your pots and pans easily. Clean up will be a lot easier if you coat everything with cooking spray.

7. Heavy Duty Grill Mitts – It gets hot cooking over a fire. You’ll need some heavy-duty grill mitts to protect your hands and arms from burns. Look for them in the grilling section of your local store. Welding gloves work well too.


8. Heavy Duty Utensils – You also need heavy-duty, extra-long cooking utensils like a spatula, tongs and a meat fork. You can find these in the grilling section of your local store also.


9. Pie Irons – You can make hand pies with pie irons, but you can also make an endless combination of grilled sandwiches and even pizza pockets.


10. Flexible Lighter – You’ll have no problem getting the fire going with a butane lighter. Use one with a flexible neck to make it easy to get the flame down into your wood stack where your fire starter is.

11. Hot Dog Fork – You can cook hot dogs and sausage with hot dog forks. They also double as marshmallow roasters.


Happy camping!



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