The End of MommieDaze and a New Beginning

The blog formerly known as MommieDaze is now This Michigan Life.boyssunset


I know you probably have some questions, so I’ll try to give you some answers.

Why did you change the name of the blog?

I started blogging in September of 2007. Back then I had a two-year-old who called me Mommy. I wrote about motherhood and raising Littles, because that was my life then. I loved being part of an online community of women just like me who were trying to figure out how pureed peas got splattered all over the ceiling.thomas Now, I have two boys who are 11 and almost seven, and neither one of them calls me Mommy anymore. Writing about mothering young children just isn’t where it is for me these days.12003311_10152929385611710_3938100221981658635_n

So why This Michigan Life?

When I married my college sweetheart and moved to Michigan 18 years ago, another love affair began. One with this beautiful state. The wild, northern woods, the soft, white beaches, the vast blue of the Great Lakes, the rolling farmlands, and the cities full of art and good eats all stole my heart. Exploring everything The Mitten State has to offer is one of my favorite pastimes.SleepingBearDunesUs-(1-of-1) I want to share it with you and inspire you to come come to Michigan and see all the awesome for yourselves.

So what can I (the reader) expect now?

You can expect travel stories about places in Michigan (and maybe a few out-of-state destinations), recipes using locally grown produce, relevant news about Michigan, Michigan humor, and there will still be more personal posts sprinkled in the mix. I also hope to feature stories from you about your own Michigan adventures and your photos of scenery around the state. I’m excited about what this will bring. If you have suggestions for places to feature or topics to cover, please leave a comment or drop me a line.

I want to make this into something useful and entertaining for you. I know it’s a big change, so if you’ve been reading for awhile and feel like this won’t be relevant to you now, I understand. Thanks for being a part of MommieDaze. For those of you sticking around or just joining, thanks for being a part of this new endeavor.



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