Nature Cat Meet and Greet at John Ball Zoo

“Hey, guys! We were invited to go meet Nature Cat at the zoo next week.”

“Nature Cat? Yeah! Let’s go!” Wade was excited.

“So, you’ve watched Nature Cat?”

“It’s on after The Wild Kratts.”


I know Wade watches cartoons on PBS, but I admit to not paying a lot of attention to them. I trust that channel, and it’s on before I’ve had my coffee. I’m not really awake yet.

I did some research after that and discovered Nature Cat is a house cat who likes to go on outdoor adventures and learn about nature. The show premiered last fall on PBS, and is pretty popular. Clearly Wade is up on all the latest trends.

Since Wade is such a big fan, we accepted the invitation from WGVU, our local PBS station, to meet Nature Cat at John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids during their Kids’ Day event.

At seven years old, Wade knows it’s a person in a costume. But he still had fun hugging Nature Cat and having his picture taken with him. David, who’s 11, wasn’t quite as thrilled. He’s a tween, so nothing impresses him these days. But he was a good sport anyway.


After we met Nature Cat, we got to visit the zoo. We were actually able to enter early and had the place to ourselves for about 20 minutes. That was pretty cool since the crowds are huge on Kids’ Day. We got a head start.

I think nature cat would love a visit to the zoo. The binoculars Nature Cat gave us were great for viewing the animals up close.


We love John Ball Zoo and visit every chance we get. Feeding the budgies is one of our favorite things to do there.


We also like the petting zoo. These two goats snuggled up together sleeping were just too cute.


The boys even took a ride on the zip line while we were there.


We had a great day at John Ball Zoo thanks to Nature Cat and WGVU.

You can catch Nature Cat on your local PBS station, online at PBSKids.org, or via the PBS Kids app.

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